Ozark International Outreach (OIO) is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to educating the public about how international issues affect the Ozarks, as well as highlighting the impact of the Ozarks on the international world.  OIO accomplishes this by helping to tell the stories of individuals and organizations that work in the international arena, highlighting how interconnected the international world is in our daily lives here in the Ozarks.  Additionally, Ozark International Outreach offers educational opportunities to help those who wish to learn more about international news and events.


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected the importance of understanding the world and its places, people, and events become ever more relevant to our daily lives.  Unfortunately, understanding international issues is a category which many Americans struggle with.  Additionally, for many Ozarkians, being in the middle of the United States might lead to the conclusion that we are insulated from international issues, and discourage individuals for seeing themselves within a broader, global context.  In truth, the international world is much closer than we think, with many of our friends, family, and neighbors being connected to the international world through mission trips, immigration, charity, the military, business trips, simple vacation, or any number of other things.  OIO hopes to not only educate the people of the Ozarks about international issues, but also to demonstrate that the international world is already interwoven into our daily lives.

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