OIO Presentations

An Introduction to Korea: Exploring the History, People, and Culture of the Korean Peninsula

Recommended Ages 7+

The Korean Peninsula covers a territory a little bigger than Missouri, but despite its relatively small size, this peninsula – home to ~75 million people – has had a major impact on the world’s economy, politics, and culture!  Who are the people that inhabit that peninsula, what is their history, and what is their culture like?  Join us in this presentation as we broadly examine the Korean peninsula together, including some Korean treats at intermission!

The Korean War: Exploring The Context, Causes, Events, and Outcomes of The Forgotten War

Recommended Ages: 12+

In 1950, Communist North Korean forces crossed the border into South Korea, starting The Korean War.  The devastating conflict would leave millions of Koreans and tens of thousands of Americans dead, brought about the first UN military intervention, and has impacted the politics and events of not just the Korean peninsula, but the entire world ever since.  Commonly cited as “The Forgotten War”, few Americans understand the events and outcomes of The Korean War.  Join us as we explore the events that led up to the war, the conflict itself, and how the conflict has impacted relations between the Koreas, The United States, and the rest of the world!

The Armenian Genocide: Remembering and Exploring the First Modern Genocide

Recommended Ages: 14+

Between 1915-1919, under the cover of World War 1, the Ottoman Empire launched a campaign of extermination against its native Christian population.  Numbering an estimated 1.7 million before the war, only ~250,000 remained within the Ottoman Empire by 1917.  Using modern technology to commit the massacres, the genocide would not only serve as a blueprint for future genocides but would also inspire the creation of the term “genocide”.  Join us in learning more about this oft forgotten, but critically important moment of world history.

Note: This presentation contains graphic images meant to give an accurate representation of the events that transpired.

Understanding Genocide: Examining the History, Law, and Warning Signs of Extermination (WT)

Recommended Ages: 14+

Following World War 2, when Nazi crimes against the Jews, Slavs, Roma, and other groups were uncovered, the world vowed “Never Again”.  Unfortunately, genocide has remained with us.  But what is genocide?  How does it differ from things such as “ethnic cleansing” or “mass murder”?  The purpose of this presentation is to not only explore the history of genocide, but also to ensure that we can better understand what genocide is, how it occurs, and what we can do as citizens in helping to stop these horrific crimes.

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